ADRIANA VINCE,  full professor,  School of Medicine, University of Zagreb, specialist in  infectious diseases and cytology

Head of the Department of  gastrointestinal infections, University Hospital for Infectious Diseases, Zagreb.  Chair of the Department of infectious deseases, School of Medicine, University of Zagreb. Head of the Croatian national reference center for diagnosis and treatment of viral hepatitis of the Ministry of Health. Secretary general of the Croatian Medical Association. Published 110 papers indexed in international data bases (58 in Current Contents, 12 WoS Core collection, 18 PubMed and  22 in Scopus), with 1,400 independent citations. Member of international professional societies UEMS-ID, EASL, ESCMID.

Areas of scientific and professional interest: viral hepatitis, infections in  immunocompromised  patients, molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases, human papilloma viruses