Summary. Psychiatric epidemiology is a relatively young medical discipline which brings up basic principles of classic epide- miology in research of mental disorders. Beginnings of psychiatric epidemiology in Croatia have its roots in the Royal Institute for Mentally Ill in Stenjevec (Kraljevski zemaljski zavod za umobolne u Stenjevcu) (today’s Psychiatric Hospital Vrap~e in Zagreb), which from its early days, pays special care to medical statistics e.g. psychiatric epidemiology. In anticipation of the 125th anniversary and 125 years of continuous work of this biggest psychiatric institution in Croatia, authors are presenting the review of this important field of psychiatry, through Croatian publications and professional-scientific work of Croatian authors. The majority of publications are dealing with epidemiology of endogenous psychoses e. g. schizophrenia, but epidemiology of alcoholism, neuroleptic malignant syndrome and (in recent time) posttraumatic-stress disorder are alfo present.

Volumen: 7-8, 2004

Liječ Vjesn 2004;126:215–220

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